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Deviser Technology

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Devic 202 Digital Signal Level Meter


Devic 202 Digital Signal Level Meter is an ideal solution that can handle digital TV and maintain the analog spectrum, enable technicians to use it in the most demanding situations with a single, rugged meter.

The new QAM View digital analysis option adds forward path digital signal testing that includes constellation, pre/post FEC BER, MER.




Analog signal measurements are addressed with standard features like RF signal level, full scan, TILT, in-service C/N, A/V, and FCC compliant autotesting.

The Devic 202 Digital Signal Level Meter is designed to provide ideal solution for cable TV network, to ensure that on-site technicians are fully equipped with the optimal equipment they need to make rapid and accurate analysis.



Digital Power (Channel Power) Measurement
Signal Types: QPSK, QAM, COMDF, random waveform
Accuracy: ±2dB(0℃~40℃)
Resolution: 0.1dB

QAM Analysis
Modulations type: 16/32/64/128/256QAM DVB-C; ITU-TJ.83-AnnexA/AnnexB
Symbol Rate: 1.00Mbps ~7.00Mbps
Bandwidth: 6MHz~10MHz
Frequency tuner: 50 KHz
MER measurement range: 19~38dB±2dB
BER Pre/post FEC measurement range: 10E-2 to 10E-9

Range: 5MHz—870MHz
Accuracy: ± 50ppm (20°C ± 5 °C)
Resolution: 10kHz

Level Measurement:
Accuracy: LEVEL (> 35dBuV) ±1.5dB (10°C to 30°C)
SCAN ±2dB (10°C to 30°C)
Resolution: 0.1dB
Input Impedance: 75ohm (unbalanced, BNC or F type connector)
Wave detection: peak value

Channel Scan:
Number of Channels: 200 channels max.
Scanning speed: 4 channels / sec
Zoom: 1X, 2X, 4X three levels of magnification or full Channel Plan scan.
Memory: 100 Groups, each group store Max 200 Channels.

Spectrum Analysis:
Bandwidth: Ranging between 10MHz, 25MHz, 50MHz, and full span.

Carrier-Noise Ratio (C/N):
Input range: 70dBuV—105dBuV
Accuracy: ±2dB Resolution: 0.1dB

Digital Channel (Average) Power:
Bandwidth: 0~9MHz
Center Frequency: 5MHz to 870MHz
Digital modulation: QAM, QPSK

Tilt measurement:
Number of channels: 5~12
Resolution: 0.1dB

Trunk Voltage measurement:
Input range: 0-100VAC
Accuracy: ± 1.5V Resolution 0.1V

Channel Plan:
Number of Channels: 200 channels max.
Number of Learned Channel Plan: 10 max, including 2 user defined.

Audio Output: Built-in speaker

Dimensions: 210mm X 95mm X 50mm

Gross Weight: 1.4kg Net Weight: 0.60kg

Display: 320 X 240 Color LCD with backlight

Power Supply:
Battery: 7.2V 1.6AH Ni-MH battery,
Charger: AC 100V-240V/50Hz
Working Time: Average 4-7 hours (full charged battery).
Charging Time: 5-10 hrs.

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