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DevOptic OPM100 Optical Power Meter

Product Overview-optical power meter

Portable optical power meter is an accurate and durable handheld meter designed for the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fibre network. Portable optical power meter is a compact device with backlight switch and auto power on-off ability. Besides, portable optical power meter provides ultra-wide measurement range, high accuracy, user self-calibration function and universal port. In addition, portable optical power meter displays linear indicators (mW) and non-linear indicators (dBm) in one screen at the same time.




Features-optical power meter

Self calibration by user himself

Rechargeable lithium battery supports continuous work for up to 48 hours.
Linear indicators (mW) and non-linear indicators (dBm) display in one screen
Unique FC/SC/ST universal port (see Figures 1, 2), no complex conversion
Optional auto power-off ability
Backlight ON/OFF

optical power meter



Function descriptions-optical power meter

It displays the optical power measurement results in forms of dB, dBm, mW, uW, nW; the set wave length is 850nm , 980 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, etc.
To power on the meter, press and hold ON/OFF till information appears in LCD; while in power-on state, press the key to power off the meter.
Measure relative optical power under preset wave length.
Press this key to zero the optical power meter.
Press λ key to select wave length, there are six wave length, i.e.: 850nm , 980 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm for your choice, their values will appear in LCD respectively.
Press this key to turn on/off the back light of LCD.
Press this key to enable or disable AUTOOFF function of the optical power meter.


optical power meter


Special functions-optical power meter

optical power meter provides three modes, i.e.: factory mode, user mode and working mode, it usually enters working mode.

Factory mode

The measurement and calibration are made by the factory.

User mode

Press λ+Light together, the system will enter user mode, and the “nm” at the end of the first line will be absent. Press λ+Light together again, the system will exit user mode and enter working mode, the “nm” at the end of the first line will appear again.

10 minutes’ auto off

Press AUTOOFF to enable AUTO OFF function, the icon “OFF” will appear on the left top of the screen, then the meter will automatically turn off if there are no operations within 10 minutes.

LED backlight ON/OFF

While in working mode, press LIGHT to turn on backlight, the symbol “a little sun” will appear on the left top of the screen indicating backlight is on.

Serial port commissioning

Connect serial port plug to PC’s serial port, you can access data and calibrate the meter (see the Figure on the right) via PC.


While in normal working, the power volume indicator will not appear in the screen; however, when the battery is going to run out, the power volume indicator will blink once a second, the meter will automatically power off after the indicator blinks for ten times; if so, you can insert the meter into supplied charger for charging (see the Figure on the right), this way saves a lot of trouble and cost in replacing battery.

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