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Magma TC-100


Key Features:
TC-100 is a powerful thermometers that accepts input of K and J type thermocouples. This economical type K & J thermocouple thermometer provides accurate and reliable temperature measurement in an economic and compact design.




TC-100 features data hold function, high & low temperature settings, high & low temp indicator (audible alarm), interchangeable J & K type thermocouples, stores up to five groups of data, provides & holds T1-T2, average, maximum and minimum, selectable °F & °C temperature units, auto-power off setting, backlight. For even greater accuracy, 8060 features a resolution of 0.1°C/0.1°F (below 1000°C) and 1°C/1°F (above 1000°C). Plus with 2pcs K-type thermocouple sensors

It is often necessary to take temperature measurements with different types of thermocouples. 8060 makes it possible without switching meters. These meters are equipped with a button that switches between K-type or J-type thermocouples, giving them the power of 2 meters, all in one unit. The meters are also equipped with a dual-level LCD that shows measured high and low temperatures along with the current reading. To freeze the display for easy recording, simply press the HOLD button. A °C/°F button will toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


· Measuring Range
     K-Type : -200°C ~ 1300°C (-328°F ~ 2372°F)
    J-Type : -200°C ~ 1200°C (-328°F ~ 2192°F)
· Resolution
    0.1°C / 0.1°F (below 1000°C)
    1°C / 1°F (above 1000°C)
· Accuracy
    (-200 ~ -100°C) ±(0.2%reading+1°C)
    (-100 ~ 1300°C) ±(0.1%reading+0.7°C)
    (-328 ~ -148°F) ±(0.2%reading+2°F)
    (-148 ~ 2372°F) ±(0.1%reading+1.4°F)
· Display : 4 digits LCD display
· Sample rate : 1 time / sec
· Auto power off : about 20min
· Low battery indicator
·Operating environment: 0~+50℃(32~+122°F), 0~80%RH
·Storage environment: -20~+60℃(-4~+140°F), 0~80%RH
·Dimension:121(L) x 60(W) x 30(H)mm
·Weight: about 180g

Accessories included :
· Free K-Type Thermocouple Wire Sensor x 2
· Free 1.5V x3 AAA batteries
· Free protect cover
· Free Protective carrying case
· Free Wrist Strap / String
· User's Manual

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