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Deviser Technology

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Fiber laser marking machine Anymark F Series

F series laser marking machine is a portable, compact fiber laser marking machine which suits for static marking and online fly laser marking.

Adopts fiber laser to output quality laser beam, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, long life, creationism, intelligent sleep function effectively extends the life cycle of the laser

High-precision, intelligent 16bit control circuit, marking a higher accuracy, faster speed.

Can make long marking, breakthrough marking range limitation.

Hardware self-test function, to achieve fault warning, easy system maintenance, improving equipment reliability.

With static marking and online flight marking two modes, can be used for high-speed marking with production line.

Suitable for flying or static fine precise marking on a variety of metal or hard non-metallic materials.




Co2 laser marking machine Anymark C Series

Working principle and application:

By the way of etching, CO2 laser machine can form permanent identification on different none-metallic products. It can label text, graphics and variable data on different material surface, such as plastic, glass, paper and cardboard boxes. As laser machine are without ink and other consumable items, so, for your identity production, the endowed way are more economical and environmentally friendly.


1. exceptional printed characters print quality

2. High reliability: no consumables and proven carbon dioxide laser tube technology

3. remarkable print direction for both stationary objects and high-speed production line

4. can print various types of graphic

5. minimum amount maintenance works and has no effect to the environment

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