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Ultrasonic Extraction Machine

Ultrasonic extraction machine is a frequency search control system in ultrasound biological treatment process (extraction, crushing, washing, etc.), specifically supporting the ultrasound bio-processing equipment, design and produce various types of ultrasonic bio-processing equipment on the base. 






The main mechanism of ultrasonic ultrasound on biological treatment is physical molecular scission and free radical oxidation-reduction reaction, rather than relying on potentially toxic and harmful substances added treatment effect, it does not produce or persistence of any toxic and hazardous substances. Thus, ultrasound biological treatment is a non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting clean processing mode. On process and production processes, in the growing emphasis on food safety, environmental protection era, ultrasonic biological treatment is a very promising industrial means.

The products are mainly use machinery, power electronics, software engineering, non-toxic, harmless substances, such as means of production for processing, assembling, almost no waste products, but no toxic and hazardous substances released, belong to the clean production.

Set the running time, power, pulse width,frequency search rate, start frequency,
end frequency and run.

We offer customization service.

  • User can use UEM-M to make experiments and determine the process, we provide customized UEM-1 according to given specifications.
  • User can provide the elements that expect to extract from samples, we can make experiments and determine the process, then provide customized UEM-1.


Products using the following key technologies
1.Design and implementation of a wide-band frequency, power control of ultrasonic power.
2.On the wideband the synchronous frequency servo of ultrasonic power to resonance match module and transducer execution module.
3.Biological treatment efficiency sensing and other key technologies.

This product has the following unique advantages:
1. through a combination of search control with multi-band detection efficiency combined with biological treatment to achieve ultrasonic frequency closed loop optimal control;
2. through the power wideband ultrasonic generator, vibration plate feedback configuration and processing efficiency, biological treatment to achieve optimal frequency band for each search;
3. Use the monitor process monitoring and parameter icon menu,express and record biological processes and process conditions.

UEM-M helps target the optimum effeciency/frequency rate easily. Future production
can use UCM-1 to reduce costs.


UEM-M adapts multi-vibrator. UEM-M is equipped with 12 vibrators or more against customer requirements, differing from other existing machines in the market which normally have one or two vibrators.

Accurate Frequency Control

Accurate frequency control. Specially designed power supply and control system to make sure of precise vibration frequency.




Operation mode






Extraction, crushing, washing

18kHz-68kHz operate at any locked frequency

Fixed frequency






Extraction, crushing, washing

18kHz-78kHz operate at any locked frequency

Search frequency and band, determine the process



Frequency range

Quantity of Vibrators

Frequency of Vibrators


Application innovation

Through the configuration among the wideband ultrasonic generator power supply, transducer vibration plate and treatment efficiency feedback,to achieve optimal biological treatment frequency search.
Using the process monitoring and parameter icon menu to describe and record biological processing course and process situation.
In addition to conventional technology, experiment, test applications, the current light industry, chemical industry, food field, potential applications of the relevant fields can be extended to the optimum point search.Extraction of food additives, biological active ingredients extracted drug active ingredient extraction, crushing and other processing cells.For the optimum point of object handling is mostly unknown, application of this product will significantly improve equipment efficiency and productivity.In addition, there are some new applications, such as tenderize meat, edible oil emulsion, extract protein powder from broken rice, grain deep processing.


Oil Chemical (such as oil emulsification, dilution, purification, sterilization, etc.)
Food (such as extracting the active ingredients, toxic component extraction, cleaning, disinfection, breaking, etc.),
Medicine (such as extraction of active ingredients, toxic component extraction, dilution, cleaning, disinfection, broken, etc.),
Light industry (such as the active ingredient extraction, toxic component extraction, purification, dilution, cleaning, disinfection, breaking and so on.

Success stories

1.Made successful feasibility test of ultrasonic pork tenderization for a food company and provided equipments.
2.Made successful feasibility test of ultrasonic extraction of capsanthin for a food company and provided equipments.
3.Made successful feasibility test of extracting aflatoxin, melamine and other toxins from rice, coin, wheat flour and provided equipments.

UEM‐M Biological experimental procedure
Detection of aflatoxin B1

1. First, to obtain the extract , methanol and pure water were mixed in a ratio of 8:2 to obtain a 80% methanol ‐ water ;
2. Put the sample containing aflatoxin B1 uniformly pulverized 20g to UEM‐M bath.Mix the sample and extract.
3. Turn on the UEM‐M, set “frequency one”, processing 5 minutes.
4. After treatment for 5 minutes, take 200uL of treated supernatant.
5. Put the 200uL supernatant into microporous, repeatedly pipetting to the bottom of the microporous to make sure it is dissolved with the red material;
6. Insert the test strip aflatoxin B1, for testing.
7. If the display is positive, then this means that the UEM‐M frequency corresponding to the supernatant of disrupted cells can be efficiently extracted aflatoxin B1;
8. If the display negative, it means the device does not successfully extracted aflatoxin B1, proceed with treatment experiments. Set the UEM‐M to next frequency and repeat the above steps.
9. The frequency with the shortest and successful extraction of aflatoxin B1 is the optimum frequency of UEM‐M to extract aflatoxin B1.
1. If the extracted material can be detected by sensor, the processes can realize full automation with feedback control.
2. After successful experiments, the optimum frequency can be fixed for future experiments or production.
3. UEM‐1 is available for customizing the specified frequency obtained from experiment.
4. Factory can help users do the experiment and provide UEM‐1 for extraction of a kind of material.

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